Here we go!

Evergreen training starts tomorrow. My trusty little car is loaded up with documentation, handouts, and my picnic blanket. Don’t worry, there’s still room for donuts!


Welcome, Hagaman Memorial Library!

We’re pleased as punch to welcome East Haven’s Hagaman Memorial Library to the Evergreen community!

The Hagaman Memorial Library went live on Monday, April 4 and was a roaring success.

The library staff used Evergreen’s offline circulation mode over the weekend and reported it was easy to use. On Monday morning, they wisely opened late, so they could spend time in the morning checking in returns from over the weekend and acclimating to their new system. Their first Evergreen patrons were a preschool class storytime that got to come in while the library was closed.

I think I can safely declare Hagaman Memorial Library the most adorable go live ever!

The Evergreen Kids Catalog Project Picks Up Steam

We’re happy to report that the kids catalog development project for the Evergreen catalog is moving nicely along. Bibliomation, along with our development partners, The King County Library System (Washington state), Sitka (British Columbia), and PINES (Georgia Public Library Service), have just approved the basic graphical skins that FGI, a Seattle-based web design firm, has created.

Next steps: We’ll be checking with Equinox to make sure that they can develop the functionality around these skins so that libraries could plug in any skin of their choosing.

Equinox is also preparing a quote for us so we’ll know what it will cost to develop the functions and features we’d like to see in this catalog, including:

  • The option to filter to juvenile materials exclusively, either by MARC record (audience field) or by item shelving location code(s)
  • The option to add and delete new graphical subject categories or edit existing ones
  • The ability to see grade level information
  • The ability to add a bibliography of web links
  • The ability to add ratings and user reviews

For more information about this kids catalog project, you can contact me at terlaga{at}biblio{dot}org.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, Inc.

It’s our Paper Anniversary

I’m a day late with this, but yesterday marked Bibliomation’s first Evergreen anniversary! Beacon Falls Public Library was the first library in Connecticut to go live on Evergreen. They were also the first public library in Connecticut to move to an open source ILS.

What a year it’s been! Since March 3, 2010, Bibliomation has brought up ten more Evergreen libraries, with another still cataloging away. We’ve been enjoying newlywed bliss with our new ILS and the Evergreen community, and we can’t wait to introduce the rest of our libraries to our new sweetheart.

Image from Flickr user Eric Martin

Falls Village is LIVE

The David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village went live on Evergreen 2.0 last week. The tireless staff at the library had been cataloging their collection since June 2010. They bravely made the leap to automation as we upgraded our Evergreen system to Evergreen 2.0. Their first Evergreen patron was an exciting moment!

It was a big week for D.M. Hunt Library – they got their first iPad on Friday, started using their first ILS on Tuesday, and had their big annual fundraiser on Saturday.

Welcome, David M. Hunt Library!

Bibliomation is UP on Evergreen 2.0!

Bibliomation’s development partner libraries were successfully moved over to Evergreen 2.0.1 over this past weekend. This move is the first stage in our many migrations to Evergreen this year.

Most of the development partner libraries (10 total) were brought up on Evergreen 1.6 last year. Late last year, we turned our attention to preparing for our multiple migrations to 2.0. We purchased the hardware necessary (multiple servers to create a stable, redundant environment) to support Bibliomation’s 48 public libraries and 19 K-12 schools, plus the development partner libraries, and others. Now that the development partner libraries are on 2.0, we can really see how 2.0 performs and will be looking to these libraries to provide feedback.

At the end of March, we’ll migrate The Hagaman Memorial Library, in East Haven over and they will join the ever-growing Evergreen network on Bibliomation’s powerful servers.

Memorial Day weekend marks the migration of Bibliomation’s public libraries off of Horizon and onto Evergreen, joining the development partners and East Haven. At this time, Evergreen’s Acquisitions software will be put to the test.

Bridgeport Public Library and its branches will be folded in 4th of July weekend. Lastly, Bibliomation’s schools will come up in September, closing out our very busy migration year.

Thanks to Ben Shum, Bibliomation’s Open Source Software Coordinator, for configuring Bibliomation’s servers for 2.0 and shepherding this upgrade through the long weekend. Bibliomation is using Alpha-G’s John Craig and Backstage Library Works to assist us in these migrations as they involve multiple databases – the deduping, loading, and overlaying of these sets of bibliographic records have been critical to the success of the project.