You came. You saw. You ate some ice cream

Yesterday’s ice cream social was a rousing success, thanks to the enthusiastic attendance of 65 librarians from 23 libraries. Next time, I’ll make sure to get less ice cream and more hot fudge – you are people after my own heart with your epic hot fudge consumption!

Our timeline generated a lot of interest, so I’ll post it here:

The production servers are arriving and getting set up between now and the end of September.

We’ll be profiling libraries throughout the fall, which we’ll do by taking what we have in Horizon and translating it into Evergreenese. We’ll be sending out questionnaires to clarify as needed.

Once we’ve got everyone profiled, we’ll start entering rules and settings. We’ll keep at that until we’re done (it’s quite the process).

We’ll have the early training (the sneak peek training) from January until March, but the real training will take place in late April.

Go Live is slated for Memorial Day weekend, 2011!

We’ll keep all of our members posted on all things Evergreen – keep asking questions!

-Kate (

The Windham Free Library is now LIVE on Evergreen

The Windham Free Library is the fifth library in Bibliomation’s Development Partner project to go live on Evergreen. The library began circulating items on the BibliOak Evergreen system this morning!

Windham Free joins the Beacon Falls, Hebron, Lebanon, and Sprague libraries on BibliOak.

To view the Windham Free Library catalog, you can go to:

I scream, you scream

We all scream for Evergreen! Oh, and ice cream…

Bibliomation members are invited to an ice cream social at Middlebury Public Library. We’ll hear from BibliOak members about their experiences with Evergreen and the open source team will demo some exciting Evergreen features.

When: August 10 10:00 a.m.
Where: Middlebury Public Library

We’ll start with the Q+A with the development partners, then we’ll have ice cream during the demo!

You supply your questions, we’ll supply the hot fudge!

RSVP to Joan at

CC image from D Sharon Pruitt

Evergreen Enhancements for K-12 Schools, Academics

Bibliomation is partnering with four other Evergreen sites to sponsor some enhancements that will benefit academic libraries and K-12 schools.

The enhancements will allow Evergreen libraries to apply hard due dates and end-of-semester dates against specific patron profile groups.

The four partners working with Bibliomation are:

Sage Library System (Eastern Oregon)
Kirtland Community College (Michigan)
MassLNC (Massachusetts)
Project Conifer (Ontario, Canada)

The enhancements will be developed by Equinox, Inc. A cost and time estimate should be provided to Bibliomation and its partners in the coming week.

For more information, you can contact me at terlaga{at}biblio{dot}org.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, Inc.

And Then There Were Three …

The Jonathan Trumbull Library, in Lebanon, is now live on Bibliomation’s Evergreen system. They came up on May 18th and are happily chugging along.

Jonathan Trumbull is the third development partner to be brought up on BibliOak. They join the Beacon Falls Public Library and the Douglas Library of Hebron.

To read the Equinox press release, click here.

Evergreen 2010 Conference: Acquisitions

The following is a post from Mary Llewellyn, Bibliomation’s Database Services Manager and Lead Cataloger. She summarizes her notes from the Evergreen Acquisitions Development update, “Evergreen Acquisitions Roundup,” with Bill Erickson of Equinox.

The session that stands out for me was the Evergreen Acquisitions Roundup, presented by Bill Erickson of Equinox. I was very impressed with the direction the acquisitions module is taking. Many of the features our acq users currently have in Horizon are being developed in Evergreen, including the ability to upload order files from vendor resources such as Baker & Taylor’s Title Source or Ingram’s iPage. We’ll have the ability to define the tag and subfields that the information is coming from, so we won’t have to do much reconfiguring on the vendors’ sites for our libraries.

A feature that we don’t currently have that I think will be welcomed by our libraries is the ability to send EDI order files to the vendor from the Evergreen client itself. Currently the libraries using EDIFACT have to download the purchase order to their desktop, then send the file to the vendor using a third-party FTP client.

Another new feature is the ability of patrons to place requests for purchase that the library staff can review and either accept or reject. Patrons will be allowed to place title level holds on their own requests, and the system can send notifications to the patron about the status of the request.

Another feature that has me very excited touches on the cataloging module. They are developing the ability to have different MARC import profiles, and to designate certain tags to be kept when an imported record merges with/overlays an existing record.

The Acquisitions module will be included in Evergreen 2.0, which is coming out in “alpha” late summer 2010.